3 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in Less than 30 Days

3 ways to lose 10 pounds in 30 days

It’s crunch time.

You have a big event planned in 30 days and you need to look your best for it. That means shedding those last ten pounds of fat in record time. But what are the best ways to lose 10 pounds?

What are you going to do to lose those extra pounds?

If you’re looking for answers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Below, I’m going to share with you three ways to lose 10 pounds of fat in 30 days or less! Use one of the methods below and you’ll be wowing onlookers in no time!

3 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days or Less

#1 of the ways to lose 10 pounds:

Follow the Paleo Diet

I’m sure by now you’ve at least heard of the Paleo diet and the countless “miracles” it’s performed in the weight-loss department for its thousands of supporters.

In my opinion, the Paleo diet is one of the most effective ways to lose 10 pounds fast in the context of dieting without exercise. Here’s why…

The Paleo diet consists of eating large amounts of protein (about 1.25 grams per pound of bodyweight), tons of vegetables, and healthy fats. It leaves out gluten-based products like breads and pasta, dairy products, and legumes.

The reason it does that is because carb-heavy foods like breads and pastas and legumes overload your body with glucose. If glucose isn’t burned off, it gets stored as fat. However, if you take in less carbs, then you take in less glucose. And that’s when the REAL magic happens…

When you take in fewer carbs, your body will begin burning its fat stores to supply itself with the energy it needs throughout the day. As a result, your own body will become your fat-burning furnace and the foods you eat will be the fuel.

With the Paleo diet no exercise is required to drop pounds fast.

Go here to learn more about the Paleo Diet and get awesome recipes!

#2 of the ways to lose 10 pounds:

Practice High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If wheat and dairy-free diets isn’t your “cup of tea,” then you may want to consider using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to shed those unwanted pounds.

HIIT consists of timed intervals of oxygen-deprived, exhaustive aerobic activity followed by a timed interval of medium-intensity aerobic activity.

The intervals typically begin with 30 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 45 seconds of moderate exercise, completing one cycle. Your goal should be 5-7 cycles each session, five days a week.

To give you an example…

Let’s pretend you own a stationary bike. And you plan to perform five total HIIT circuits in this session. You’ll start with a brief warm-up cycle session of about two minutes. Once those two minutes are up, you immediately peddle the bike as fast as you possibly can for thirty seconds.

After the thirty seconds are up, you’ll then peddle at a moderate pace for forty-five seconds. Once those forty-five seconds are completed, you’ve officially finished one cycle and immediately move into the next cycle – beginning with your thirty seconds of high intensity training.

At this point, you might be asking why you would voluntarily put yourself through such pain?

The answer is because HIIT is one of the most efficient fitness programs for burning calories. After your session is over, you’ll literally burn calories while you sit and watch TV.

The reason this works so well is because it forces your heart to pump more blood throughout your body and deliver more oxygen. It basically makes your body work overtime to return to its normal state. And when it does more work, it burns more calories.

Besides the fact that the workout session will only take around 15 minutes to complete, you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods in order to lose weight. The HIIT will burn the extra calories you consume (in moderation, of course).

#3 of the ways to lose 10 pounds:

Eat nutritionally rich foods mixed with regular exercise.

This last one of the ways to lose 10 pounds within 30 days isn’t sexy and exciting like the Paleo diet or HIIT. But it still gets excellent results.

The method I’m talking about is eating healthier and exercising regularly. Here’s what I mean…

Instead of indulging in snack cakes, cookies, chips, and crackers, snack on healthier alternatives like almonds or celery sticks w/ almond butter or fruit.

In other words, make healthier decisions when it comes to your diet.

In addition to dieting, make sure you exercise five days out of the week. And always include some form of aerobic exercise (biking, walking jogging, etc.) and strength training regiment (like bodyweight squats or pushups).

This method draws a happy medium between the Paleo (diet-based) method and the HIIT (exercise-based) method. You can eat whole grains and still lose weight. And you don’t have to run or cycle hardcore-style for 15 minutes straight.

If you follow the diet and stay away form the “bad stuff” and exercise each day of the workweek, there’s no doubt in my mind that those extra 10 lbs. (or more) will be gone far sooner than the allotted thirty days.

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Good luck on your journey! And if you have any questions about the ways to lose 10 pounds in 30 days, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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